Coral Collection's Guarantee

When you make a purchase from you can buy with confidence. Each customer's purchase comes with a commitment from the CC team for the health and well being of your animals. No one cares more about the health of your new inhabitants which is why we now offer a 100% risk free 3 Day Guarantee on any priority next day shipments. No Hassles, just provide us with the information that we request within our time frame and we will issue a store credit for the price of the coral.

We give you the Following Guarantee with Priority Next Day Air.

If your new coral addition does not stay alive for 3 days we will issue you a store credit or replacement with the same type of coral.

If you experience a loss please complete the following steps...

Send us a clear picture of deceased specimen attached within one hour of delivery time posted by UPS.

3 day guarantee begins on the initial delivery date.

Please do not discard the specimen without CC authorization; doing so will void the guarantee.

Please do not ship the coral(s) back without CC acknowledgement as this will void the guarantee.

If your coral becomes unattached and is missing, we will not provide a refund. It's your responsibility to provide proof of the deceased coral.

We do not refund or credit any shipping costs.

Most of our extremely rare corals do not fall under the 3 Day Guarantee.

This applies to online orders only.

All orders you wish to cancel must be cancelled within 24 hours after placing your order and there will be a 20% restocking fee. If your order is cancelled 24 hrs after the time of purchase the funds will be allocated as store credit, which will never expire.

You may be required to mail us a sample of your water.